Our mission

Our mission is participating in the sustainable development and self-sufficiency of our country’s industries, producing high quality products to optimize the production processes in order to reduce costs and respect for the rights of customers, improving the efficiency and quality of manufactured products continuously using research and development (R & D), satisfying our clients and, ultimately, providing on time, reliable and qualified services.

Aims and Objectives

• Manufacturing of high-quality Centrifuge Decanters and Centrifuge Pumps.
• Holding the majority of market share of Centrifuge Decanters in Iran and creating value for all stakeholders.
• Producing products in accordance with international standards.


• Implementing our duties accurately.
• Providing our customers with on time committed services.
• Improving our employees’ theorical and technical knowledge by OJT programs.


Our vision is becoming well known as the best one in field of manufacturing Decanter Centrifuge and Centrifuge pumps in Iran, and also becoming a famous brand around the world.


Hamgam Sanat’s value-system is based on customers, systems, employees, organizational culture, engineering ethics, knowledge and technology.

1- customers:
We try to:
• provide high-quality services and products
• create impressive connection with clients
• understand their future demands and needs
• create a great sense of responsibility towards customers among our employees

2- systems:
We try to make effective, efficient and standard systems, and also develop our strategies to achieve the most brilliant results and create shared value for all stockholders.

3- Employees:
Employees in Hamgam Sanat are the most precious physical and spiritual resources. By improving employees participation, empowerment, promoting innovation and creative spirit among the personnel, we provide an atmosphere full of calmness, attraction, efficiency, creativity and confidence, so that it helps us to achieve our vision and goals.


4- Organizational culture and engineering ethics:

Promoting excellent culture and adherence to engineering ethics is one of our organization’s principle values. By spreading and adhering to ethical policies, we strive to achieve our goals and vision.

5- Knowledge and technology:
Achieving new knowledge and technologies enables us to improve. By creative management of these resources we give our products to customers easily, cheaply and quickly. Consequently, the most brilliant results will be created for all stockholders.

Customer Rights

We consider our customer as the most important factor in our survival and endurance. Therefore, we make several attempts to create sustainable values for them by recognizing and understanding their needs. In this way, we try to:
• Have an open communication based on transparency and respect.
• Use the most qualified people who have ability to respond quickly and accurately.
• Monitor our clients’ recommendations, critics and ideas about ourselves continuously, and respond them in a committed way.